Thursday, November 6, 2008


We've decided we love Halloween! Any holiday that involves a plethora of cake and candy is tops in our book!!
Jack and Hayley were caught red-handed enjoying the spoils of the evening. ;0)

The 3 blind mice...They were soooo cute together! The only "problem" of the evening...It was warmer than expected so the mice had to take off the top halves of their costumes for most of the night. ;0) (Jack is in the middle with cousin Cody on the left and cousin Bobby on the right. We love to play together and would you believe we were all born within 8 months of each other in 2007... so fun!!)


Kimberly said...

Too cute! The first picture of Hayley totally looks like Tommy...but cute :o)

Josh and Amy said...

They look so stinkin' cute! Hayley looks so grown up with her hair curly and Jackson looks like such a big boy! what 5 months does! Cute kids!