Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Time is here

IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!!! We are soooooooooooo excited for Christmas. We put up our tree a week before Thanksgiving Day and probably should have done it sooner. The kids absolutely love it, with the lights and ornaments and now a couple presents are under the tree! We have our Christmas lights up as well and we wish we had a couple more strands to put along the ridge of the roof. Maybe next year!
The kids are asking so many questions about Santa and the flying reindeer. The ask about if he is real, how he gets into the houses, do the reindeer really fly, is the Santa at the ward Christmas party the "real" Santa, and other stuff like that. I have been telling them that the "real" Santa lives in Finland at the north pole and that these other Santas are just people who are helping Santa because he lives so far away. We do not want to lie to them about Santa and that is why I have told him about the Santa in Finland! :) I feel that Santa is a very fun part of Christmas and the Santa figure can stand for Christ, or even us as we give to others without gaining anything in return except the good feelings from giving. What are some things that you guys have done with your kids?
We are trying to think of some traditions we want to start with the kids during the Christmas season. We are singing Christmas songs all the time now that Zac and Hayley are learning them. Zac's pre-school teacher is awesome and teaches the kids all the songs there at school. Its fun because Zac came home one day and it seemed like he new all the songs already. I was like, "Where did you learn all the words to the Christmas songs?" He is such a fast learner!
We are trying to instill in their young minds the importance of CHRIST in Christmas! Its hard when EVERYTHING is saying that presents is what makes Christmas. Zac said that one of his friends told him that there would be no Christmas without Santa. We tried to explain that without CHRIST there would be no Christmas. He seems to understand, but gives us that blank stare and says stuff like, "well my friend said that without Santa there would be no Christmas" just to get us riled up! :) Its funny how they know exactly what pushes our buttons. (Krista, no pun intended!)
Well, I hope that everyone's Christmas will be fun and Christ filled. Merry Christmas!


Mark & Heidi said...

You guys are gonna have to keep up on this a lot more so we can keep in touch better when we move. I love your pictures! I can't wait to see your newest addition.

Kimberly said...

I hope Tommy never felt that our parents lied to him when it came to Santa. Santa was always a fun and magical thing when we were growing up. But our Mom always made sure to have several nativity scenes up, pictures of Christ displayed, etc. so we knew the real reason for Christmas.

Washington Family said...

Cute family pictures. I heard that you are prego again #4? It's hard to keep up with you guys! Congrats if it's true. When are you guys coming through again? Any time soon? Great looking fam. Tom, Jesse's shaving his head also- you guys got the 'tough guy' look down.

Krista S said...

Ha ha! You are funny! I think that it is hard to teach the kids the real reason we celebrate Christmas but we just keep talking about it. And like Kimberly said, we also put up a few nativity scenes and pictures of the Savior's birth, etc. so I think/hope that helps. Just like everything else, they have to learn and we are lucky enough to teach them :)!! Merry Christmas!